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I wasn’t looking for anyone. I went to my first day of class winter quarter and that’s when I found him. In my first aid class nonetheless. He became my partner. At first I didn’t have any feelings for him but as the class starting to continue on; the feelings started. As every little conversation was spoken- I was starting to fall. Everytime he said my name, I felt butterflies like I never had before.
We started hanging out, texting everyday, I started going to his apartment and being that typical gf where I made dinner, fed and walked the dog, cleaned, etc. It felt normal. Whenever he would come home after class or practice, his smile would light up the room and I knew I loved him. This kid I never would of met had he not come to this school from the west coast. Had I not transferred here. We never would have met.
I knew he loved me the night of our first fight. It was dumb and I over reacted after a comment he made. I stormed out and told him never to talk to me again. As I walked back to my own apartment in a huff, I got text after text, call after call to come back because he was sorry. My phone had died (THANK GOD, I wanted him to feel ignored- harsh I know) as I walked back. As I got back to my apartment I plugged it in; and saw what he had said. “I don’t want to lose you.” “You mean so much to me.” “Talk to me” “Are you ok?” or the classic “Buster (the dog) won’t be your friend anymore if you don’t talk to me.”

Finally, I caved. I called him back (but you can bet your ass, I made him wait over an hour for a response) He answered; he sounded funny when he answered. HE WAS CRYING. Crying because he thought he lost me. That’s the moment I knew (THOUGHT) he loved me.

I thought we were all good, we went back to our usually routine- talking everyday, me always being over at his place. Until….

One night I was picking up the living room table and sorting through all our papers to see what was mine/his/garbage, you know the usual. Thats when I found the piece of paper titled “Katie’s Trip” (fake name) and I was confused as to who “Katie” was. Because he had planned out all these places to take her out to eat, sight see in our city that we lived in. Bought her tickets to shows, games, etc. I was confused- I looked at the time, knowing he would be home soon, so I put the paper back in his pile and grabbed my things- put the dog in the kennel and left.

He texted me a little later “hey” and I played it off a little bit just to see if he would say anything.
Then he said “Buster was going back out West for a while” and I was asked “how?” because I didn’t think he had any plans to go back and he said “my friend is coming for a weekend and will take him back.” So of course I knew this was the weekend he had planned so I asked: “What friend? Katie? Who is she?”

his response? “um my girlfriend from back home…….”

That’s when my heart shattered.
What were we?
We never made it official- but……….

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