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Before him i had never felt that love was for me. I hated love. But then i met him. We met at a party and started being really good friends and 6 months later we started dating. It was all amazing at first. He was so caring and sweet and we had a lot of fun toghether. But then things started to be a little bit weird. He stopped talking to me, he didn’t want to visit me. So we went out with some friends and he was there . I talked to him and we both decided that tee best thing to do was to break up and be friends. I went to the bathroom and when i came back to where he was, he was drunk, kissing another girl. Just half hour after we broke up!

I spent the next few weeks taking care of myself and spending time with my best friends and family. Then one day , a friend of mine who’s really close to my ex, told me that he cheated on me in the second month and that he had just told her. I was devastated. We dated for a year and he never told me.

Its been 3 months since we broke up and im doing a lot better now. I discovered that wether you are alone or dating someone, life has so much to offer and you have to make the most of it doesnt matter in wich situation you are in.

Everything happens for a reason and this happened to me so i could learn.

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