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I thought I had lost all the feelings I ever had with you, I always thought you had way more feelings to me then I did to you but I guess it just took you to break up with me to realize that I was wrong. it still amazes me that you really broke up with me, and for a couple of days I replayed that night and the time we spent together over in my head until one day I had to stop Bc you started living your new life and I again had re start mine. I guess becoming “friends” was a way for me to begin healing what had been hurt and after repeating in my head that all I wanted was to be friends and that I couldn’t let him back into my life when those feelings had left. When I saw you at the beach my heart stopped because I had come to terms to the fact that you and I where over and thinking about you again made me smile Bc there you where the guy who was my best friend and now it’s like we are strangers. As the day proceeded you weren’t leaving my side and I wasn’t going to leave yours it was like nothing had changed but in fact shit did change. And now I’m here talking to you again with a question that hasn’t left my mind since the beach, do you still have feelings for me? I’m

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