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I moved from Switzerland to Hungary to get a change of scenery and to get away from guys in Switzerland. Most of the guys that I „dated“ and after we‘ve DTR‘ed, they all would eventually just disappear, or as you call it nowadays ghost me.

In Hungary, dating was a little better but still, nothing came of it. With the job I had there my boss gave me the chance to work at our US HQ, I took him up on that offer and a few months after living in Hungary I moved to Utah – I know, great, right?! I matched with this guy on tinder, how romantic. We started talking and exchanged phone numbers after a few days and continued talking.

I was texting him one morning asking what he was up to. Meanwhile this other guy asked me out on date, so I was getting ready for that. I make my way to the set location I was supposed to meet this guy, but as soon as I got there, he canceled on me. So I texted the other guy and asked him if he would want to go on this date with me, explaining to him what just happened. He was ok with it and came and met me, picked me up and we drove to dinner together. We talked, had an amazing conversation and connection.

The kind soul that he is he offered to take me to his faveorite ice cream shop, we got our dessert and went to a park to talk some more. As we were walking around, out of nowhere he grabbed my hand and it felt amazing. He would look at me and smile and that made me very happy, because I have not experienced something in my past relationships.

We find this baseball and start throwing it to each other and then one time i didn’t catch it and I went to pick it up he ran towards me and kissed me, it was magical. We went to his place where we just talked more, he was showing me pictures of his family and places he’s been on his computer and I show him pictures of my family on my phone, we talked until 4:30 am.

So we continue to spend pretty much every day together for the next 3 months and things are just AWESOME.

He tells me that he loves me I told him that I liked him very much, but because I’d be moving back to Switzerland soon things would be complicated. He told me that he’d come with me when the time came and I told him that the idea makes my heart warm. We continue dating and making these plans for the future, going to Australia for a year, getting a puppy and all these cheesy little things.

But it all changes, I had to go back to Switzerland and he wasn’t able to come back with me. We FaceTime every day during his lunch and would plan for his trip to Switzerland and some other places.

One day he send me the picture of the google maps search of my place and telling me how excited he is. The next day he doesn’t call…? The day after that he doesn’t call either. I’m a little perplexed as there was no text from him saying he couldn’t call. A few more days go by and there is no sign of him and I got worried. I tried calling him and he doesn’t pick up. About a week later he sends me a Snapchat, that was also his story, so I text him and try to call him. No response… after three weeks I was very confused. He didn’t call me anymore, he didn’t text me anymore.

After two more weeks I received another Snapchat, from his story, that he was on the way to Vegas (which we had talked about going to together because he’s never been) with this other guy. I am very confused.

After that he had deleted me on Facebook and from my friend I found out about that he’s been dating that guy in the picture after him and I were “officially” a couple for a month. I’m still not over him fully, I still have somewhat feelings for him.

And to add to the pain, we had been talking about getting married, which also confuses me. And now he’s engaged to the other guy. 😞

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