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In 2011, I was and he was 20, I met a guy in whom I found my best friend and that friend who gives you butterflies in the stomach. In 2014, we had confessed that we had feelings for each other. I had loved him with all I have in me since then. I still do. It’s been years since I haven’t felt wholesome. Every-time I kiss him, I become the most best version of me. I dont know how. It is just that your body and instinct speak to you. We are not in a relationship. No. Because he cannot commit to any woman other than his family’s choice. This makes me feel unwanted or not worth fighting for. Which is not true. Despite of this, him coming to me and making out with me, does not upset me. The thing that upsets me, is that he wont fight for me. Atleast hold me in confidence. He has always been there for me whenever I needed another soul in every possible way. That person on whom you can always depend on 24X7. This may seem like a sad girl’s story who has no self respect.

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