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I recently went on a two week vacation (so I’ll call it) for work. I knew it was going to be fun because there would be a bunch of other people my age there.

On my first day, this guy ended up coming up to me. I didn’t think of anything at first but thought he was pretty cute. We started flirting and he ended up getting my number. Since we were in the same place for the next two weeks, we ended up hanging out almost every day. Things heated up more than I thought they would – I didn’t even think I was that interested. But long story short, he made me feel something no guy has made me felt in awhile. He was always complimenting me and making me feel so great about myself, which was something I really needed. I let myself get too caught up in feeling something when I knew it wouldn’t last long. Unfortunately we parted our ways and I will probably never see him again because he lives in another state. I still think about him everyday and miss him more than anything.

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