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We met online. We never even met in person.

Living in two different countries made it hard to do that.

Even with the distance, I was so in love with him from the very beginning.

Six years went by.

Six long years full of love, hurt, laughs, tears and getting to know absolutely everything about each other.

He was my sun but also my moon.

It’s hard being without him especially because I know in my heart that if we lived in the same country, we could really make things work.

Really love each other so deeply and have everything we could ever want from each other but the distance ruined it.

It ruined everything.

I wish I was brave enough to just move to his country but I’m so weak but I’m even weaker without him.

Sometimes I wonder why bother living without him but I know that’s just even more weak of me to think.

I just wish he knew how much he means to me.

How much I truly love him.

How I have always loved him and I always will love him.

My pooh bear.

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