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I grew up trusting absolutely no one. My father passed away when I was younger after a drunken night out at the bar and a lifetime of depression . He decided to end his life one night after leaving a hole in the wall bar in my city.
Ten years later, I went out with my cousin to that same bar and met a man with the same name as my father. We immediately hit it off and began dating shortly after.
We dated 5 years. Throughout the 5 years I was constantly getting hurt. Constantly worried about getting cheated on and extremely self conscious of my worth. But I ignored every sign because I truly loved this man.
After 5 years, I caught him cheating on me and decided to end it. 3 months after we broke up I found out that he had a child on the way with the same girl.
Saying that I was devastated throughout my journey of being single is an understatement. I cried more than I have cried my entire life. I questioned myself and my worth. I isolated myself from the people that loved me.
I finally decided that I wasn’t going to let this define me. I woke up everyday with a mission to think positively throughout the day. I caught myself feeling sorry for myself and turned the switch. I read every self help book ever made and traveled to cities I would have never traveled. I began to love myself.
For anyone going through a heartbreak I challenge you to dig deeper than you ever have. Realize that there is only ONE of you in this world and how special you are. Realize that you are worthy of true love.
Most importantly, find ways to love yourself. Everything about yourself. Fill your life with positive people and positive experiences.
And always always ALWAYS know you are always strong enough for every battle you face.

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