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Paula M

I am writing this story. I have to acknowledge the fact that my life isn’t easy. I actually have to sit here and stare at him. Still in LOVE with him. He seems happy and at peace with himself. while I am here with a broken heart staring at his beautiful face. Every part of him is as perfect as the day that I meat him. The scare around his forehead from a childhood tragedy. A scare I miss to kiss and miss staring at. A scare that tells his story. A beautiful scare that at times he is afraid to show, afraid what people might think or even judge his appearance. But if he only knew how wonderful and amazing he is to me. I miss him dearly. Most of you guys might be wondering what made things go wrong. What caused something so beautiful inside of me to suddenly become painful and empty. I was the fuck up. No I didn’t cheat and yes loyalty and trust we had for a 1000 years to come. But my life really fucked me up. The family I had received wasn’t mines after all. I became bitter and angry with the world; as I am still angry now more than ever. My hatred towards my family and myself at times caused me to take my anger out on him. I never hit him, but i through things at him at times and definitely cursed him out . A argument was caused by me every single day. he stopped loving me and he left. Today I have a best friend and a great co parent but the fact that of the matter is that is ALL i will have. I guess I should be appreciative towards him but i feel so much pain

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