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I fell fast and I fell hard.

He was my everything; we named our future children, talked about marriage and spent an incredible year together.

I met his parents and I spent Christmas with them in their home, half a country away from my baby sister and my ailing Nana.

But he lied to me when the truth would’ve served him better the whole time. And he couldn’t seem to take responsibility for my broken trust or my wounded heart.

Instead he turned to his “best friend”, another woman who’s been in his life since college.

I think he’s in denial about what she really means to him, and because he can’t have her he’s tried having full relationships with other women while keeping her firmly in his orbit.

He never lets her – or her incredibly manipulative mother – go.

It came between us and he let it. I would’ve done anything for him.

I still would. But I’m beginning to think that what we had was never what it seemed.

But it hurts more than I ever could’ve imagined, and I regret our breakup immensely; I hoped we could work it out.

At this point, with so much hurt on either side, it doesn’t seem likely. So now I have to heal my heart and hope that I’m smarter the next time.

If there is a next time.

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