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I met him in middle school in a halloween party. He was the brother of my sister’s best friend and a year older than me. As soon as we talked we instantly became close friends. A couple of months later he asked me to be his girlfriend and I was thrilled.

The next few months were amazing. I couldnt stop thinking about him and I knew I loved him. He would go to my school concerts and cheer for me, giving me a kiss on the cheek after, and on my birthday he got me beautiful elephant earings since that was our favorite animal.

But then I made many mistakes. I would talk to my friends more than him and during that time I was feeling depressed. Even though he helped me through it, I know that wasnt easy for him to deal with. I then found out I was moving somewhere else and he broke up with me before I left which was devastating.

After I had moved we talked every once in a while but then we stopped talking. Its been five years since I’ve last seen him and I still love him as much as I used to, if not even more. I cant stop thinking about him either and I miss him so much. I dated a guy after him but it just wasnt the same. I keep coming back to him. I know I should’ve gotten over him a while ago but I just cant. I want to be with him but I dont think he thinks of me the way I do anymore.

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