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Dear A,
When we first started talking I never thought i’d be where I am. You warned me from the beginning… you told me that you weren’t ready for a relationship. That you had a lot of baggage. You just wanted a friend, I wasn’t looking for anything serious, then we went out and started talking everyday. Your smile was the most comforting thing, your eyes were so easy to fall in love with. You grabbed my arm pulled me close to you, and kissed me. You acted like you were so smooth but I knew you were going to make a move. Little did I know I was going to feel what I did. I’m the short amount of time, I never thought the feelings I felt still existed. Waking up next you and spending that weekend with you was amazing, I wanted to stop time. It was when you brought up your ex every 5 minutes, I knew you still loved her. I was jealous because I wanted you to talk about me that way you talked about her… I could see the pain in your eyes and the hope that one day she’d come back. I hate that I had to end what we had but, I didn’t want to be a rebound. I know I was your distracted but you were my new hope for love… it sucks meeting the right person at the wrong time, I don’t know if ever felt anything towards me besides lust but know that everything I did and said came from heart. I miss you and my heart hurts… I can’t wait for the day that I can forget you.

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