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So me and this guy were best friends, like, for real. We had the most amazing friendship and would tell each other every intimate thing about ourselves. Couple years later, he started to try having more than just a friendship with me. At the beginning I was sure I didn’t want to go further with that idea because I KNEW we would lose what we had. Months after, he finally convinced me. We started keeping things casual and we were both allowed to see whoever we wanted to see. Then, he started to say he was catching feelings for me and even said he loved me. Me, being the realistic cold person that I am, never actually believed him – but I thought he said that because he actually thought he did love me but was confused. Little did I know, he did it to try to keep me exclusive while he could hang out with every girl. We still had the open relationship status, althought he would get nuts if I even talked to other boys. We were always falling apart and then falling back together, like we could never end this thing. And just to be clear, everytime it didn’t work out, it was totally his fault only. So he did some shit that was really over the edge for me and I called it quits with him. We spent a moth without talking to each other (wich, believe it or not, was the most time I spent far from him)…before that month, he came to me saying he wanted me in his life and I said if as friends only I could stay. So I did. Then a month later he went on a exchange for a whole year. During that time we were really good as friends but he still talked about how much he wanted us to get back together once he came back to our city. I was never a fan of the idea. During the exchange, he came home for the holidays and we got back together for this period. Then, he went back to the exchange and he didn’t go to a trip he was supposed to go with me and our friends to see our favorite band so I went without him anyways. We were once again build to fall apart, not only because of this but also because he was distant and kind of in a relationship with some girl from the exchange even though he always told me he didn’t want to date. So the exchange was over and he came back, we saw each other the day he got here but that was against my will because my friends invited him over at a gathering. We were okay then and he said if I was willing to be with him, he would be with me only since I said I didn’t want to be some kind of a simple timeout. Not a week passed and he sent me an audio message drunk saying that he couldn’t keep this going and said that he made out with the ONE girl I hate the most AS IF I was the one who wanted this bullshit to keep going. So to cut it short, now we don’t talk anymore, that’s been almost 3 months and a half I haven’t heard from him and he hasn’t heard from myself either. He didn’t wish me a happy birthday on my birthday and I didn’t wish him on his either. So girls what I mean with that is friends with benefits only end two ways mostly: you either get together forever or you end up as almost enemies because even if you don’t LIKE the person in a romantic way, one will always disappoint the other.

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