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We working working on a project together in college, that’s how we met. We started talking and got to know each other better and a few months later he asked me to be his girlfriend.
Things were great, we were so happy until he became over protective and very jealous of everyone around me including my cousins and my closest friends. I loved him so much that was I willing to let all that go for him.
He was a couple of years older than me so later that year he graduated.
Things were great between us, until he made the choise to drop everything and take a one way ticket to a country I wasn’t allowed to enter. This meant he had to give up his residency in the country we were living in. Making it very difficult for us to see each other. We couldnt even talk on the phone because my country had blocked the lines including any kind of video call. It was very difficult, to go from being with a person 24-7 to bearly being able to hear his voice.
It broke me, I felt completely alone. We tried to make it work for a few months. I went back to seeing my friends because they were the only thing I had left, it made things worse and we broke up.

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