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Well my story starts with a previous break up a man i had left because he never made me feel good enough for him. I wanted time to myself, to convince myself i was good enough for myself, that i don’t need a degree to get a man or that alone someone to marry me. After that i had meet some new friends one of them being my recent ex (Mike), he insisted on getting to know me and i was hesitant because i had just got out of a relationship. 5 months later since Mike was insisting so much i said yes to being his girlfriend. He was supportive, encouraged me to push myself but there was always the hidding of his phone , the girls who were just friends. I tried to convince myself not all guys are the same. On October 13,18 he proposed to me i was the happiest women alive, he told me about a place in the forest where we could get married and told me the names to are future children and all these plans. It was all a beautiful dream. Till a month ago when he came to visit me out of the blue and told me “i don’t make him happy anymore” I begged him to not leave me and he made me think it was my fault, that i was the one with the flaws. I believed it till i found out a week ago that he took out are pictures of his social media and put pictures of his new girlfriend. Who he was seeing for a while now. It broke my heart. I feel so betrayed. I swear i have the worst luck

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