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I met him in college. We went to two different schools but I was visiting some friends at his school one weekend. “We’re going to the guys’ place to pregame!” I went there not in any mindset that I would fall in love. He was the one who answered the door wearing socks and sandals. I thought it was the most bizarre/dorky thing and the first thing I said before even entering or knowing his name was, “what is on your feet!?” We didn’t really talk that night because he saw me talking to his friend and thought I was into him when I really was trying to make him jealous. So I left that Sunday and didn’t think anything of it.

I visited my friends again a few months later. The part we were at was at capacity and was very strict letting people in and we got there late. We snuck around the back and just made it through the gates before someone realized what people were doing. At the time I didn’t think about it but it was fate. I made it through just in time because the guy with the socks and sandals (not wearing them this time) was there looking cuter than I remembered. We started talking and hit it off. I went back to his friends place for an after party and we talked all day. We were standing on the porch and he asked if he could kiss me. I said, “Of course” and that was it.

We started officially dating a few months later. He lived in MA and I lived in NY so we commuted to see each other almost every weekend. We would facetime every day and the conversation never got stale. I went to meet his parents in VT and everything seemed to fit. I eventually graduated school and the first job offer I got was in MA. It was perfect. I asked if he was ok with me moving up here and he said of course. Now we were closer.

Everything was great the first few months and then something changed. He was distant and literally left me out in the rain one night. It was father’s day weekend, I went away with some family and he didn’t text me once. I knew something was up. I went back to MA and he dumped me that night. Left me in a city all by myself where I had no friends, family, nothing. Just my job which I now love and am thankful for.

We dated for a little over a year and I truly thought he was the one and a part of me still does. He was so kind and funny. He played the guitar and listened to music that nobody else would even think to. We went record shopping together and I knew I loved him when I could go to the store to pick out socks and have a good time.

I miss him. I miss him a little less each day but I will always miss him. I will always love him. People don’t understand. We’ve been broken up for over a year but I still feel so hurt by what he did. Left me all alone and I have not heard from him ONCE since. It breaks my heart to this day. I wonder if he thinks about me and what we could’ve been. I wish I could see his socks and sandals one more time.

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