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I wasn’t looking for anyone when I met him,

He was just supposed to be a guy to talk to, nothing more

As time went by he started taking me to dates, but I should’ve known then

he was not only dating me but 2 other girls, I admired his honesty

but didn’t see this going any further but then he let them go because he just wanted me & no one else.. according to him

2 years later on Valentine’s Day, he tells me that he cheated on me not just once … more than once … worst thing is, he tried flipping the script Every Time !

“What are you hiding?”

“You probably are fucking someone else”

“why are you lying to me about who you with, I know your lying”

I never once looked at another guy the way I looked at him, I gave him everything.

I was IN LOVE with him… I was stupidly blind…

But when he told me …. I felt Lied to, in the most hurtful way ever…

I don’t wanna fall in love again..

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