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Mary-Ann S

My heartbreak happened in December 3rd. 2015. I had worked for The Walt Disney Company for almost 22 years at that point. Most of those years were at the studio in Burbank, but due to layoff, etc., my last two years were in Anaheim working for two managers instead of the VP’s I was used to. Almost at the start of this assignment I had a cancer scare myself. For months and many doctor appointments later, nearly 11 months, they determined I had a precancerous situation. In Anaheim you are only allowed a certain amount of days off. Once the precancerous situation was determined my doctor put me on FMLA so I would be protected from being out, however, I still had built up days prior to this. In Oct/Nov 2015, I had two incidents, one I was out sick due to food poisoning, the other I was late due to major accident on freeway. Since I’m an honest person, I informed my supervisors that this was not FMLA related to my cancer. Those two incidents put me over the limit. I had to write two papers, one for each, to describe the situation. When they were reviewed, they came back with Termination. I was devastated. Since I started my illness, I did feel that one supervisor had it out for me as she once made a comment to me that maybe I was a hypochondriac. That didn’t bother me at the time but as time went out and I was made to feel less of a person when I had to take FMLA days due to my illness, I thought about it more and more. I stupidly mentioned this to my other supervisor and she took it to HR which caused an investigation. From that point on my reviews went down from excellent to poor. I feel this all played a part in my termination, but I never did anything about it. I started to try and get back to the studio right away but never got called after applying. Then in March 2016 we learned my husband has pancreatic Cancer. So I have been home with him since. But losing my job for a company I devoted my life to and then losing all benefits has hurt more than anything else so far.

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