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My name is Marissa and my breakup took place in June of 2016. I was with this man for only 10 months, however it seemed like an efficient amount of time to me to fall in love. He was married once before and had been divorced for a year when we met. It was a concern to me,you kmow,that he wouldn’t be ready for marriage when I would be or even want to be married again. He always made sure to let me know that our relationship was “different”. He told me after 3 months that he loved me and at 5 months was talking to me about wanting to marry me. I felt the same way, but I was so hesitant to share how I felt. He was always so sweet and patient with me. Always telling me that he would protect my heart and that we were a team. At 7 months I completely opened my heart to him. I told him exactly how I felt and I felt soooo relieved to feel like I didn’t need to hold back any more. We loved each others family and friends and were very active in the others life. We were talking to everyone we knee about how we would be the next to get married and how right it was. All of my friends and family were thrilled to see how happy I finally was in a relationship. In my mind this was it. Skip to 9 months and he asked my father’s permission to propose at Christmas (7 months later) and of course he said yes. We were happy, or so I thought. We had a routine and were looking into getting a place together. On June 1st we went to the beach to meet my family for a large family/friend event. We were stuck in traffic due to a fire for 5 hours. Naturally we were grumpy and hungry when we finally arrived. We ate as soon as soon as we greeted everyone and were feeling better…or at least I was. About 2 hours later we were watching the sunset and I asked if we were going to my place or his for the night….his response was.
“I will be going to my place alone” I was immediately alarmed because this was out of the norm for us. I asked if everything was okay and he said “no, I just don’t see myself with you and I think we should end things”. I was frozen. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. Once I caught my breath I actually started laughing…. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like crying so I just wakes away, grabbed my mom and we walked to the bathroom and I fell apart. She was in complete shock and went to talk to him. His response was that he didn’t think he would ever want to get married again and that he knew I wanted to be married…. it seemed so off. We only talked one time after that day and all he said was he wish he had more of an explanation but that he didn’t. It took me so long to stop trying to figure out WHY. What went wrong? I didn’t date for a year and what gave me closure was finding out that he was getting married (and is married now) to a co-worker that was always referred to as his “work wife/friend “. That didn’t help me feel better so to speak, but it did give me an answer. I was able to move on FINALLY and am now in a relationship with someone who is amazing. I can only hope that I won’t feel that heartbreak again, however I did get through it! I hope this helps some women know that there is hope and there is an end to that but wrenching feeling.

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