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I met my Big on vacation this spring. Initially wanted it to be a one time thing if you know what I mean but he kept pursuing me. Even when I got home.. he knew we didn’t live anywhere near each other (5 hr flight away) and still wanted to talk to me every day. So I went with it enjoying the attention and knowing he was a nice guy that I really got along with. Since our one time thing ended up being a many time thing I felt very comfortable and goofy when I was with him. Eventually I ended up travelling again to a few places one being his city (not to see him, my travels are always for myself) and I told him after I booked it and he was there during that time so we did meet up. Long story short we spent too many intimate nights together (by this I don’t only mean sex. I mean nights of cuddling and talking as well. Night fulls of comfort and love). And by the end of it I asked him to never speak to me again knowing I had to go back home and it would never work. He was a bit thrown off but how else am I supposed to move on? Anyways, to this day we don’t speak but he is my Big. I think he prepared himself more for the situation at hand than I did and I think I have a harder time moving on. Either way, he’s the best guy I’ve ever met and we’re both very young right now but if fait brings us together then it does. If not then he will always be my Big and I hope he finds a Big as well.

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