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I was with him for two years. The last year was long distance – cross continental long distance. I left the Middle East where we both lived and moved back to the US. I thought that would be short term until I found a job in the country he was in and moved to be with him. I thought I found my life partner. Our families met. Our friends became one close knit group. Everything was intertwined. A week before coming to meet my dad in the US, he decides he wants to end it. Without a partnership discussion or really any reasoning besides saying “I am just drained. I don’t have energy. I love you but I can’t do this anymore”. This bartering process for me went on for weeks. I’ve lost 15 pounds. I don’t sleep well. I’ve since discovered he’s active on Tinder in his city and every day feels like a nightmare. I’m not sure how I can get through this and I’m tired of talking about it with family and friends.

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