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I found my first boyfriend in bed with another woman not even 24 hours after we broke up. Then my next boyfriend of two and a half years had a photo up of him and his new lady all over social media two weeks after we split. Those guys hurt me and I regret ever letting them into my life but I’ve never experienced true heartbreak until now.
He had a fiancé when we met, I thought I’d never get the chance to love him or ever see him again. We maintained a close long distance friendship and eventually he left his fiancé for me. I never anticipated us to be together and what we had together was so spectacular. I became afraid that he’d hurt me just like the others and with nothing but fear in my heart, I broke it off with him. When I realized my mistake not even a day later, he eventually stopped contacting me as he couldn’t find it in his heart to forgive me of the pain I caused him. I never in a thousand years anticipated that I’d be the one to break my own heart.

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