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Hi girls! First off I want to say how much of a fan I am of the I Don’t Get It podcast. To be honest I didn’t start listening until maybe a month or two ago. But once I started I could not stop! I am now fully caught up and anxiously waiting for the next one 🙂 I wanted to share my story as I am around the same age (26) and engaged and extremely happy! But I have gone through my own crazy experiences to finally get to where I am at. My ex boyfriend was abusive, both physically and mentally. He mind fucked me so much that I believed that he was the best I could get and was lucky to have him. Crazy right? God I look back and feel like such an idiot. I was so damaged after that relationship, it took me two years to finally get back to my normal happy go lucky self. I kid you not, I used to shower just so I can cry in peace. A year of that, and another year of believing there is no such thing as love and that I was destined to be wed in an arranged marriage. (I am indian so this is normal) Which is something I have always been against up until then. I slowly started to put myself out there and signed up for I did the free one month trial and talked to a few different guys. Most of them were one date busts. I started to get jaded and stopped taking it so seriously. And then thats when my now fiance messaged me. He was completely not my type but I still thought he looked cute in his pictures. We exchanged some messages and he kept asking me out on dates. I kept making excuses about being busy since I still thought he’d end up being some loser or it just wouldn’t work out for whatever reason. When we finally went out on a date, he didn’t talk much and I talk when I’m nervous so I was chatting up a storm about god knows what. I left thinking I would never hear from him again and thought “oh well I got free cheesecake factory”. But he texted me right away to set up the next date. We are now on almost 4 years of being together and he proposed to me 3 months ago.

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