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Kiersten C

About a year ago my heart was broken by a man I thought I was going to marry. I’ve never had a experience of love at first sight till I meant him, but of course there was a twist on our relationship. It all started at a small town grocery store I worked at. One day he came in and went through my lane. I was the cashier. Not long after having a short conversation I discovered this was my brothers girlfriends brother. I thought he was super cute and had a great personality! I never imagined it would go anywhere because my brother was already dating his sister. That night I get on Facebook and see a message from him.. he asks to go on a date and I just thought it wasn’t right so I said no. I see him at the grocery store again.. he messages me again, asking once again to go on a date. I finally caved in and said yes. I mean he was really good looking! But my brother and his girlfriend didn’t seem to like the idea. So after a couple dates and a year later we were still together. I couldn’t believe we lasted that long to be honest. His sister hated my guts.. she went beyond extremes to show how much she didn’t like me dating her brother. Remember this is my brothers girlfriend. Me and this guy were so In love we always talked about getting engaged, he quickly became my best friend! Till one day things got horrible. He started drinking a lot, more than normal. We couldn’t all go to family gathering because of his sister and I. Things really started to go down hill. Me and him started arguing all the time because he wanted a relationship with his sister but his sister didn’t like me. It tore me and my brother apart, and him and his sister. We eventually agreed we can’t be together if life is going to be like this. We broke up and never spoke again. This was by far my hardest break up. I really thought we would be together forever. Still to this day my brother and his sister are still together.

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