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I met this man out at a bar one night and we hit it off. He asked for my phone number and I never heard from him. A month after we met, I got a message from him saying he had a confession to make. When we met he was dating someone. He told me he broke it off and he’d like to take me on a date. I was a little weary since I crept his “exes” Instagram and found pictures of him and his girlfriend posted only a week before he contacted me. We kept in touch on and off and then started texting everyday all day. After a week of this texting relationship, we decided to meet up. We had a fun night dancing, holding hands, kissing. I still had a pit in my stomach about his girlfriend situation though so I ended the night with a kiss before it got too far. The next day he told me his ex and him were going to try and work on things and deleted me from all social media. I asked him what his deal was and he told me he told her about me and she made him delete me. Him and I had in depth conversations about life and relationships and really felt we had some genuine chemistry. I can’t stop thinking about him. Am I crazy for falling too fast with someone who was never really mine?

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