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Jennifer s

The words he said that killed me

“In the long run it just wasn’t going to work out with us, we are better as friends. I’m dating s— now”

Love is amazing and can be the most wonderful thing but it can also be the most gut wrenching feeling in the world. Watching the one you love Fall out of love with you and knowing there’s is nothing you can do. having to spend time with the person that just a smile from or a text from will make your day, and wanting nothing more than to grab them and kiss them, watching someone else make them happy.

Loving someone and them not even knowing you exist. And if you aren’t 100% sure that you have felt true heartbreak then you haven’t, because I promise you will know because when you love someone it’s not a word, it’s something that you physically feel, is not an emotion,it’s the weight that you feel on your chest and the literal emptiness you feel inside of you.

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