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Jacqueline S.

It was a love story like nothing else.

2 weeks left of my senior year in college we become inseparable.

I kissed him goodbye as he went home for the summer and I cried hoping I would see him again.

We spoke everyday, every moment of his day I knew.

e went back to school and I went into the working world.

I visited him weekly and we would smile and laugh.

We had our fights. We had the moments of our relationship where we were bad and toxic.

We would work through it.

He graduated and we were thrilled.

Our life was about to start.

I made plans to move to him home town in spring of 2018.

He went home and started surrounding himself with single friends. Single friends that were not a fan of me.

We made the choice to lie to me three weeks before our break up.

I forgave him.

A day letter a “friend” of his blocked my number as she read our texts.

I was broken and filled with sadness.

A week later we went out. My love and his friends. I was nervous but he was there. I got upset over something so small. I went to apologize. I found him in the bathroom with the girl that blocked my number.

I had a panic attack.

A bouncer walked me out of the bar.

We went home and the fight continued.

The next morning, we spoke we made up but were still fixing it.

A day went by I needed to go back to my house for work.

He kisses me goodbye and said I will see you soon.

24 hours later after what I had no idea would be our last kiss, he called me and dumped me.

I miss him everyday.

I loved him with all my heart.

I begged him to forgive me for his actions.

He stopped putting me first and I am the one that is sorry.

I need to be strong. I need to move on. I will always love him.

I will always think of him.

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