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My boyfriend and I started dating in grade 10, we dated steady through high school. This year we are graduating and he let me know on grad night that was “the night” he said that we must do the nasty or we were over. At first I didn’t know what to do, I am a web cam girl after all… but he doesn’t know that and i told him i am still a virgin; even though last year i met up with my sugar dad and things got out of hand, or in hand should i say:). My boyfriends name is Tyler and I really like him but he’s never seen my third nipple before, and only my sugar dad likes it and i feel like he’ll be uncomfortable. He has a huggggeee dick and i just love it but i’m pretty loose after my sugar dad penatrated me. But he thinks I’m an innocent virgin, because he hasn’t seen me in my job web caming. little does he know when the lights go out i go wilddd. I act like an innocent little girl by day and by night I am a nasty monster. so please help me.

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