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Heart Broken

Hey I’m one of those whose relationship is going to end. I’ve never thought something like this would come up in my life.. you know what I’m broken I’m really hurt… Tears are rolling down my cheeks.
I understand everyone change but how can you leave someone who is not willing to change herself for you and be the girl he loved though it wasn’t comfortable for her. I want to be your. I really love you dear. But I know you’ve lost yourself finding my faults.
We had a beautiful relationship until this girl turned up. I am possessive by nature very possessive we had many fights you literally every day one fight. But then one day we had a huge fight about this girl then he told he will stop texting her. I believed him. I believe every word he says. Every single word. He is my world.
After few days we had another fight regarding him telling lies and me being argumentative. So then I thought we were almost over but then we shared few moments and then we we’re back again. We decided that I should not be possessive and he shouldn’t tell lies.
The next morning we met in coffee day I asked him about using Snapchat he told me that he stopped using Snapchat coz I told him not to. The conversation ended there. We went that night I opened his snapchat account and they were between a conversation. My heart broke you know literally I felt that someone was stamping my heart. That’s my heart I gave it to you and all you did is just broke it..
Ok but then I texted him that I saw his conversation and that it’s okay to talk to girls. But I wasn’t ok. Fame smile and fake words came out from me. I think just few days are left for us together…. But I really love him. He is my ultimate goal in life. Let’s see what happens….

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