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Just wanted to start off by saying love your podcast!

I listen every day at work and I seriously learn so much from it! So I have a story that I feel you guys would be interested in. I’m 23, and had 3 year bf starting in hs and continued into college, making it long distance.

It was hard b/c of that, but we got through everything regardless as we were head over heels for each other. We ended up parting ways 2 years in, as I was enjoying my college years a little too much.

Two and a half years have passed. Since then I graduated and moved to Tampa, FL for a new job but we still kept in touch. At the time of our breakup I was absolutely devastated and since then never fully was able to move on from him. I tried so hard to move on, but then this past summer over MDW, we rekindled things when I was back in NJ. It was random, but I instantly fell back in love with him. He quickly bought a trip to Tampa, to see how things would be. We had such an amazing time, that he ended up inviting me to his sister’s wedding at the end of the summer.

It happened so quick but I said yes and he bought my flight home to the wedding for that week. The day he left Tampa, he dropped the L word.

I was in shock and knew it was all happening very fast, but knew I felt that way again as well. Two months passed, saying I love you every day and things were going good.

When I was home during the summer I was going back to his family’s house, hanging with his siblings and grandparents again and they were so happy I was back in his life.

I ended up spending over 500 dollars on wedding stuff, dresses, gifts, hair, eyelashes etc. I flew home the day before the wedding, and he completely ended it with me and told me he didn’t want me coming to the wedding anymore.

While we had gotten into a little argument that past weekend I was in complete shock, so heartbroken for the second time and so embarrassed. He then had the nerve to snap chat me the day I got back to Tampa saying he missed me, but we haven’t spoken since.

In the end I don’t think it was fair of him to be that way towards me if he was unsure of his feelings. Am I crazy for being heartbroken or what?!

Thanks for listening! Love you guys!!

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