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Hello I really wish you had one of these near where I lived. I used to live in LA for 24 years. I now live in Central Valley. I was in a relationship eventually married and now I have a six-year-old (about a10 years in a relationship 5 years separated now divorced) and I just can’t seem to heal from it. My exhusband who was not at all who I thought he was he constantly lied to my face cheated on me stole thousands of dollars from me and I still have to deal with this person because we have a six-year-old. I’m now 52 And I feel like I gave this person the best days of my life I’m just completely devastated by the life choices I’ve made in allowing this man in my life to basically completely break me down to nothing. (And I’m a very very strong woman). I don’t trust men at all anymore. I’ve tried multiple dating apps which was horrible as well.( I don’t really go out) I get men contacting me all they wanna do is just have sex when I specifically said in my profile that I do not want hook ups or they’re in another relationship and using apps to cheat. I feel like I’m just going to be alone the rest of my life. I’m good looking Have a great job. I eat healthy work out ect. I was on antidepressant for many years I finally got off of them because I just don’t want to be on them anymore and I just can’t seem to heal from this crap he put me through & and what I allowed him to do. I’m smarter than that. I beat myself up daily. My ex has moved on lives with another woman who has a child & he basically left his child behind. I’m devastated that I allowed so much of all this to go on & for so long. I wasted so many years on a man who never cared about me. And he still constantly tries to have sex with me even though he’s living with his girlfriend. I’ve never been so lost. I don’t know where to turn or what to do. I’m starting a new job next week or I would drive to LA just to go to this meeting because I feel like it’s something I would really benefit from. I will try and go to the next one. Thank you for listening. I’m just so lost and sad most of the time. I try so hard to be happy & keep focused on raising my son. But at times I want to give up. But I keep going. Nobody ever understands. Thank you 

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  1. OOOooh Euro, If only positive thoughts could rid you of these terrible feelings. So sorry that you have been dealing with this for years. I have been in depression for a few years as well due to a person I am passionately in love with. I am fortunate and had no children from the relationship. I am stuck and can not move on. Honestly, I choose not to move on. I regard this person very highly and to this day he is still kind to me. I have no interest in dating and only find some solice in animals. I have even taken on a second career in order to be of more assistance to animals. We may have some differences and similalrities but the pain is a constant. I have attended this meeting in person and spoke about the loss of my human love and my companion animal. Everyone is very considerate and compassionate. You would feel some relief and insight in attending most likely. Congrats on continuing to strive even with hurdles in the way. Spiritual Hugs your way.

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