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Hi there,
As i lay on my couch on this chilly New York night, adjusting to my new life.. i am reflecting on what brought me here and landed me where i am. My name is Erin, I am 27 and if you asked me 3 months ago that i would be dealing with the biggest heart break of my life.. i would call you a liar. Well, 86 days later (and counting) here i am. Almost 3 months ago, i was living in a beautiful house, with my wonderful boyfriend of 3 years and my best 4 legged friend. We had all of the plans in the world, we had been with each other through so many ups and downs, and learned a few life lessons together. I thought we had our whole life ahead of us. Until, one Sunday morning when his phone went off, and it all came rushing out that he was having a relationship with his co-worker. He simply no longer felt that we were compatible, and felt that his married, mother of 1 coworker was a better match for him. My whole life came crumbling down around me. I knew my worth, and i knew i didn’t deserve this. So i packed up, said goodbye to the man i thought i was going to marry, said goodbye to my home, and said goodbye to my dog, and didn’t look back. Here i am.. almost 3 months later, without hearing anything from him, in a new home, in a new place, and frame of mind… that old life seems so long ago, yet, i spend each night thinking and wondering why… i know there are so many people out there going through this, and so many people who have it worse. I am very lucky and blessed for all i have. But i can’t shake this low feeling of heartache, i carry it around with me, everyday.. and i know one day it will completely fade.. but for now, here i am on this cold New York night, reflecting and feeling the loss and pain, but i know each night the pain gets less, and i will love and be loved again, and i am worth a whole hell of a lot more than what i have experienced.

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