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a bit more than a year ago i traveled from the other side of the world to california to visit my friends on my way to south america. here, i met this guy, i slept with him the first night i met him (he was living in the apartment above my friends) because i didn’t think i would ever see him again. we had a couple of days of fun before i left, but not only did i leave my friends and him, with him, i left my heart. i came back only a month later to visit them again because i couldn’t stay away and talking to him once in a while wasn’t enough. finally, after going back south, i decided to go back to california and apply to the same school as my friends (and him) and i got in and moved and started two months later. at that time we had been casual/dating for some months.
this summer we had been seeing each other for a year and everything was good, he even stayed with me the two last nights before i left. during summer we didnt talk that much, and got in a fight because he didn’t want to commit. when i got back he was seeing someone else but we still slept together first time i saw him. he ended i‎t with the other girl after a month and we have been talking a lot, and seen each other a couple of times but he still doesn’t want to commit but he says he sees us having a future together. the only reason i moved here, i realize is because of him, and i am currently failing all my classes because i have been so depressed this semester. so i guess now i have to move back to europe and our future is as dead as our pretend one year of “not being in a relationship”

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