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I like him.

He has a baby with my co-worker. He was my ex-co-worker.

So we all worked together for almost a year.

They were always on and off. Fighting about work and their personal life.

It bothered me cause she’s a bitch (no so much anymore) and I really like(d) him.

Then they finally cut it off.

I was okay. He got fired.

I missed him A LOT.

She hooked up with two or three other workers there.

Now she told me that her baby daddy (guy I like) and her have always been fuck buddies.

And now they might get back together.

So that hurt, but it shouldn’t cause he was and will never be mine.

Depressing and sad kinda but like how Demi Lovato says in her song Stone Cold, “If happy is her, I’m happy for you.”

Even though inside I’m sad and in pain. But me and my broken heart will make it through.

Sad part is that we were just friends.

I saw him as my everything and he saw me as nothing.

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