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He was the one I planned on marrying, having lots of babies with, growing old with (you get the point) I loved this man more than I could ever love anyone else. We had plans, we talked about marriage and what our wedding was going to be like.

We dated for almost three years and I had even packed my life up and moved states for him. He left one day for a trip with some people he worked with, one being a girl that I wasn’t too fond of (for good reason). Being a good girlfriend, I was cool with it, I wanted him to have fun! Then one morning (after not hearing from him at all the night before, while he was on his trip) I woke up to a snap from one of his friends, of him all cuddled up next to this said girl. I was upset, hurt, mad, etc. We talked about it and came to a resolution and that was that. The next week, things were off with us but I tried to make things as normal as possible.

On Monday he told me he loved me, on Wednesday he broke up with me and on Friday he had half his stuff moved out of the apartment we lived in, together. And he never looked back. It’s been about four months since this happened and I still find myself crying myself to sleep at night. Wondering what went wrong, why me, how can he throw everything we had planned away with out even trying. To top it all off, he’s on vacation right now with her.

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