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We were together for 5 years. My first real love that I met my junior year in college. We went through so much together, adventures, intimate moments, inside jokes, ugly arguments. But we also clashed a lot and it developed into unhealthy toxicity. I guess I cared too much to let him go. We eventually turned into the on-again-off-again couple. I couldn’t see how deeply insecure and manipulative he was until he gave me a ridiculous ultimatum immediately after a pregnancy loss. As we got through it together, I truly believed we were partners for life – if we could get through this, we could get through anything. I stuck by his side when he was sick, made it through tragedies together. Things were great, we were happy. Or so I thought. After I returned from a business trip, he dropped me off at our apartment, then hands me his key, telling me he moved out the day before and that we should go our separate ways. I was completely blindsided, and still don’t understand how things took such a drastic turn and ended. I’ve been doing my best to pick up the pieces of my life, while he’s carefree and happy. I’m a work in a progress, but it is getting easier day by day.

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