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I’ve known Lane for 18 years, we went out for only 2 years after we broke up and now it’s been 10 years. She was far and beyond what I saw of most women. Last month she contacted me saying she was going to get married and after a bunch of “I love you”s between the both of us I deleted the text and the app.
I never sought ignorance in my life until that day…
It’s almost impossible for me to makes connections with new people and I don’t think I ever will. Since then I just see everyone around me as grey blocks. No matter how much attention they attempt to ascertain from me it all goes in-one-ear-and-out-the-other.
I don’t know what she wanted me to say or do. I mean what can you do? Try to convince someone not to be happy and try again? It all seems so selfish.
We never know the road ahead of us in life it’s like a thick fog that is only lifted as we walk through it and when I look back all I see is shattered pieces.

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