Brazillian Anonymous – HEART BROKEN ANONYMOUS
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Brazillian Anonymous

I always had a dream of living abroad. Work, study… Have a life away from home.
In recent years, my wife and I have started this planning to put it into practice in 2018 or 2019.
A few months ago, my wife and I sent all the documentation to the consulate of the country that we have chosen to await its approval and/or disapproval.
At work, nobody knew. It was a secret that needed to be kept that way to accomplish it.
Based on a project that my team was leading, I had to get closer to several other teams in the company.
That’s when I started to notice a colleague. Younger (28 years old and me 36), but very determined, positioned on his convictions.
From a few work meetings, I began to observe her with much more attention.
For along months, I tried to combine more meetings where there was a need for her participation.
We started getting intimate. We started talking about personal matters. There was even a moment that she mentioned that ” based in your layout, you could be a potential crush for me” … She herself commented: “Pity you (in this case, me) are married.”
However, because I admired her various qualities, when I least expected it, there I was … Thinking of her … Trying to remember the scent of her skin … And the frequency with which it happened was increasing. When I least expected it, there I was, thinking of her … Again …
I took courage. I invited her for a lunch. She accepted, but did not like the place I took her.
We talk a lot. We talked about her family … We talked about her professional longings … We talked about career, about friendship …
All the time we talked, I had the feeling that I could talk to that woman for hours … Days … Without stopping that the conversation would always be very good.
In a way, I found it interesting that she did not like lunch very much, because I would have an excuse to invite her out again. And I invited.
The next day we went out for a beer. The conversation kept getting better. The effect of alcohol was helping both me and her feel more at ease.
But the closer I got to her, the better I could smell her skin. Talk goes, talk comes … I decided to touch her. I pushed her hair behind her ear. I felt the movement of her eyes closing and I knew at that moment that my mouth should touch her mouth.
I hit it! It was a very yummy and intense kiss.
It had been some years since I had kissed that way. So intensely.
We stayed at the pub for a few more minutes and we decided to leave. I offered to accompany her to her house. For safety.
When we got there, the kisses became much more intense and … We could not have sex. I needed to get out of there. An unforeseen event occurred.
But that desire to “want more” remained. So the next day, we got to have sex. I could feel her body with my hands … I gave her oral pleasure for several minutes … I could touch her with my tongue all over her body …
It was amazing! It was intense! It was awesome!
All that feeling that this young woman promoted to me in those moments when we were together were sensational to me. And I’m sure for her too.
That night, I received the visa approval from the consulate! Ready! The time has come to fulfill my dream! It’s time to say goodbye to everything and everyone and go by my dream.
I was extremely excited by the news. After all, it was all I had dreamed of in the last few years!
Already in the other week, I met again with the young woman! My heart flooded with joy at the sight of her. Again we had intense moments. I was not having sex with her anymore … I was making love to her. I wanted to provide her with wonderful moments.
I warned her that I was leaving the country. Apparently, she stared at the news in a good way.
She said that she had never harbored any expectation of this relationship. After all, I’m a married man.
She said she would keep the relationship with me for as long as it was healthy for her … And for me …
I realized at that moment that I was relating to a young mature woman. I liked her positioning about this subject.
We meet on some other occasions. To my deep sadness, I was already completely in love with her.
My heart is broken when I think I’m going to live in another country. I feel devastated when I think I wanted her to come along.
I also get very bad and depressed when I think about the young woman … When I think of my wife … I am very lost at the moment.
But I will follow through with my decision. I’m going to live abroad. I’m going by my dreams. I’m going to try to forget this young mature woman who taught me, even unintentionally, a series of feelings. Feelings that until now, I had never felt for anyone.
I leave for a new life with the certainty that I did my best not to hurt this young woman! Beautiful, vigorous, nice, sensational!
I leave happy with the opportunity to have met her. Glad to have touched her. Feel her.
I hope one day, to be able to touch her again … Kiss her again … Love her, again …
Only the best part of us is able to attract the best of others.

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