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For the past 8 months, even though I’ve been pretty much bed ridden, an ex from when I as 17, I’m 60 now, so is he started talking to me o messenger. He told me how long he’s wanted to be in touch with me, how his parents loved me. On and on and on. I dated him but I don’t remember how long. We were still in high school. He broke up with me. My heart broke and it took me years to get over him. After he started to talk to me again on messenger, the relationship started to escalate. He sent me music videos which would give me clues that he had forever been in love with me. Then we started talking on the phone, but I never had video chat because of how I looked. He said he didn’t care but I just couldn’t. My relationship with my husband is pretty bad. I know. So I’ll go on. He said he loved me and wanted to be with me for the rest of his life and he would wait for me. He works for an airline in Florida and told me when I was ready he would come and get me. He started sending me videos every morning to say that he loved me and would call me during the day. I feel really hard for him. I’m ranting. I’ll get to the point. For a few nights I saw him on messenger. What was very peculiar to me was that I felt something funny in the pit of my stomach. Somehow this girl I’ve known for the same amount of time had been on messenger the same exact times as this guy. I don’t know how I noticed the two. I had mentioned many times for him to move on and find someone else. He’s married too. He said there is no one else and that if he didn’t have me he would continue to stay married and live his life like he always does. I have home health aid people as well as a Nurse Practitioner who help me throughout the day. Last Thursday’s received a new medication. My sister was given the same medication and she went off the wall. Same happened to me. I had no idea what I was doing . I became delusional. I messaged this girl to call me and she did. I confronted her and asked her to please tell me the truth. Of course she didn’t. I wasn’t angry with her. She went through the roof telling me she hadn’t seen him in 15 years. I knew it wasn’t true because I had seen posts from her to him and him to her and they were more recent than that. I then confronted him through messenger and he told me he hadn’t and that she looked like an alligator handbag. I told her I needed to know and she turned around and asked me if I was talking to him and I said yes, but only as friends as she knew well that it was much more than that. Getting back to the meds, I would have never called her and said such crazy shit. He called me the same time he usually does and I told him never to call me again and that he was a piece of shit. He acted as though he didn’t know what was going on. Saturday I apologized to this girl over messenger. I turned around to him and told him I loved him, but since have not heard from him. They are continuing to speak. I took my Facebook down temporarily. I know he’s definitely still speaking with her because in his videos he would say different things about what she had in her Facebook page and I put two and two together. I’m in love with him. Deeply and I don’t know what to do. I’m a raving lunatic and one thing she did say to me to me was if you’re so sick why are you worrying about it. She’s right but I’m going insane. I need advice what should I do? She recently sent me a notification about a trip for two to Sarasota. He lives in Florida. I can’t eat, I can hardly sleep and I cry throughout the day.

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