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I fell in love with my husband when I was 15. We married 8 years later, had two kids, and had a good marriage for almost 20 years. We did the best we could, and there was never a lack of love between us. But, 17 years into our marriage, he cheated on me with our neighbor. There are no words for the shock and devastation I felt. We separated for 10 months, worked on our marriage, and decided to fight for our marriage and family. 18 months later he was killed in an accident. Our kids were 11 and 17. It will be 10 years this year. I’m 53 and have been in two serious relationships in the past 9 years. The first one ended when my boyfriend took in his drug-addict sister’s two children, and I was just not equipped to parent someone else’s children as they needed to be cared for. We broke up, and I was so disappointed and heartbroken. Two years later, I met a guy online. I fell hard and fast. It was great for 6 months until my daughter got a bad feeling around him and looked him up online. She learned that he had been in prison for engaging in a sexual act with a young teenage girl when he was in his early 30s and married with two daughters. I was so shocked and mad that he didn’t tell me. I tried to make it work, but I couldn’t get past his dishonesty and secrecy, nor could I understand his anger towards my daughter and his continued unhealthy obsession with me. After several breakups, I ended the relationship finally in late 2019 and moved to Florida. I have no confidence in my ability to choose the right partner, and I am so afraid to be heartbroken again. I believe in love and don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone.

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