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Ava M

i met a guy on twitter, and we talked for almost two years. we were do happy and i honestly loved him, but no we were not dating. we would facetime all the time (since he lived on the other side of the world) he even began making plans to come see me. then everything got messed up. him and his friends, whom i had become friends with, starting making jokes about me and just saying untrue shit about me. it fucked me up so bad. then he just stopped answering my texts and basically ghosted me. he even blocked me on all social media. i tried texting him a few times and he didnt respond. about a year after all this i texted him again and he started to have a little chat with me and then stopped responding again. i just miss him so much but he doesnt give a fuck and i just cant get over this. i dont know what to do. just now i texted him again and am waiting for a response that i may not even recieve. all i really want is closure. i just want to know why, thats all.

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