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We have been dating for almost 10 years. We’ve been having problems for a few months. I like to do things, go on adventures, spontaneous trips – he wanted nothing to do with that. He was perfectly content staying at home, all of the time. It took a toll on our relationship. At the end of the day, he was my person, “my lobster”. So I was convinced we’d always work it out. We were always really good at communicating our issues until recently. It seemed like he just shut down. I got a random text, we need to talk. My heart sank. No one likes hearing that. That night, he came over my apartment and ended it. Just like that. He was crying, I was crying. I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t a discussion, it wasn’t a conversation – I was so blindsided I just kept saying I can’t believe this is happening. I reached out to him the next day asking if we could just talk. No reply. I texted him once just a week later. I wanted to know what happened, after 10 years, I felt like I deserved more of an explanation. SOMETHING. But he doesn’t want to hear from me. He has completely shut me out. I’ve been staying at my moms this past week. It’s hard to breathe. Just the little everyday things are hard. My friends are trying to be supportive but they just say the line “you deserve better”. That’s not what I want to hear right now. Truth is my heart is completely shattered. Someone who has been a constant in my life is now gone, and wont even let me talk to him. I can’t wait to get past this complete devastation stage where I just randomly cry. I need to be at that anger stage, because right now, this is too painful.

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