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So met a guy when I was traveling for work. I was in Oregon and was to move to Colorado and he was to move to California so didn’t think much of it but fun at the time. As it got close to saying goodbye, it didn’t feel right so I invited him to a wedding. He then invited me to a halloween trip and we continued to talk for the next 6 months visiting back and forth. I then got a job in California but he moved back to Oregon. We saw each other ~ every other weekend like this for 4.5mo and then I upped and moved in with him for ~3 months. I wasn’t getting much work from out of his place so I sadly took a job in Montana for 6mo and then came back permanently. I got my own place for a full year lease and quit traveling once and for all. He instantly fell ill about 2 weeks after I moved and I thought I was going to lose him forever. I spent over a month sleeping in a chair next to his hospital bed just praying that he wouldn’t die. I’ve never been one to commit and I thought I had found “the one”. From this point on, I felt I was in teh right place and had made the right decision. He got better, graduated from his masters program, we built tiny cabins and an Aframe and I helped the best I could with the growth of his business and property. Then, about a month ago (3.5-4yr of dating later), we broke up. We had a dog and 2 cats, the cats just gotten 2 weeks before breaking up. I don’t want any of this but definitely don’t want to lose the dog. We just fought over it again today and I’m hoping to get him for the weekend. All in all, it sucks. I’m now across the country from all my support. Thinking about getting my own puppy here soon…

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