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Heart Broken Anonymous Rules & Traditions

Love is the Best. Love is also a cold steel rod jammed up your ass when you least expect it. It hurts.

Heart Broken Anonymous is a support group for people that are heart broken. Naz Perez met a stranger who was very emotionally heart broken and was more comfortable talking to her about her heartbreak than her own family and friends. After meeting her, Naz thought it would be great to create a non-judgmental space where people can come and share their heart break with other strangers and know they’re not alone.

Heart Broken Anonymous has one purpose: to help and give hope to the heartbroken. We do this by sharing and listening to stories of heartbreak, because there is more hope in togetherness than being alone.

Heartbreak is overwhelming distress. It includes (but is not limited to) a break-up/divorce in a romantic relationship, turmoil or loss in a family relationship, friendship, job, or dream. And, the loss of a loved one or a pet. Unrequited love can also cause heartbreak.

The only requirement for membership in HBA is to have Hope. Hope is the faith that good can be derived from painful situations and lead to personal growth.

Heart Broken Anonymous has no religious or political affiliation. It has no opinion on outside issues.

Anonymity is very important. Everyone and everything shared in an HBA meeting is confidential.

In order to preserve a non-judgmental space, there is no cross talk allowed during a HBA meeting.

Cell phone use is not allowed during HBA meetings.

When you have the beanbag, it is your turn to share. Please pass the beanbag when you are done sharing.

Each person will have 4 minutes to share his or her story. A timer will go off at 3 minutes, and you will have 1 minute to wrap.

Each meeting will conclude with sharing something you are grateful for.

All members of HBA should always have the welfare of the group at heart remembering that the foundation of Heart Broken Anonymous is Love: “the greatest of all things.”

– heart broken anonymous

For more info on founder Naz Perez, check out her website: www.NazPerez.com
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